google has updated its algorithm to show more original news content in search results. This was described by google Records Vice President Richard Gingras (Richard Gingras) in the company's official blog.

The updated algorithm will promote those publications that are the original sources of information. Now these materials will be better ranked in the main search, google Records and google Judge about. They will also stay longer in news clusters on a specific topic in google News and in search results for relevant queries on google.

When exactly these changes were launched, Gingras did not specify. In his post, he announced “the last few months.” However, google continues to work to improve these algorithms.

Launch Scales

In the comment Search Engine Land google representative noted that at the moment these updates are launched in the main search and will soon also be implemented in google Records and google Judge about. The company also clarified that this is a global launch that will affect all countries of the world.

How google defines original materials

Richard Gingras did not give an exact answer to this question, but noted that google is not limited to the analysis of world and local news sources.

Currently, the search engine continues to work to increase the visibility of the original news materials, and in the future those publications that publish such content will receive more and more traffic.

Anna Bonda


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