About two weeks ago, English-speaking users started to see Recommended cafes and restaurants in the google Perceive feed.

The new block has the title “ Inspiration to your next meal out ” and contains those establishments that may interest the user.

According to experts, this innovation is definitely important for food establishments using the google My Business service. By showing recommended places in the Perceive stream, they can start getting more traffic and calls.

However, users can opt out of these recommendations at any time. To do this, just go to the menu in the upper right corner of the card and select “ Not drawn to Restaurants “.

At what scale is the launch of recommended places in Perceive tape is still unknown.

Recall that in August google Perceive started showing product pages from e-commerce sites.

Tape of recommendations, which is in English-language documentation dubbed Perceive, appeared on google Mobile homepage in October 2018. And in April 2019 google added report with data for this feed in Search Console.

Anna Bonda


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