free-link-building-video-course-by-igor-rudnik crowdfunding system has updated the free course on link building by Igor Rudnik.

Crowdfunding is the process of obtaining recommendatory comments from forums, blogs and thematic communities. The purpose of crowd marketing: to help a person solve his problem and draw attention to the promoted product through a mention or a link.

From the course you will learn:

  • what is link building;
  • why do we need links;
  • what is crowd marketing;
  • how to look for discussions;
  • < li> how to choose the right site;

  • how to create and develop a profile on the forum;
  • how to write the text of a message that won’t be deleted;
  • what is anchor / non-anchor links;
  • what are active / inactive links;
  • how to determine the spam of a branch / site;
  • how to work with otzoviks;
  • strategy work on competitors.
  • why consider the indexing of discussions;
  • how to determine the type of link on the site (noindex, nofollow, redirect , JS)

18 expert lessons in as simple a language as possible, without unnecessary terms and water. The average length of one video lesson is 7 minutes.

The course lasts only 2 hours, and the experience will remain with you for life!

Who is the course for?

Lessons are suitable for beginners who want to quickly make a result with a minimum of errors, and for those who already have experience working with links and want to improve their skills.

Course author Igor Rudnik , head, co-founder of crowdfunding service , direct advertising exchanges

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