The Ministry of digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass media invited IT systems manufacturers, developers and telecom operators, under the leadership of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), to develop their own rules for using systems to implement the law on autonomous runet.

The proposal of the Ministry of Communications is advisory in nature, and there are no specific instructions for the RSPP. The Office believes that entrepreneurs will be able to better identify the potential circle of manufacturers of technical means to counter threats. The FSB supports the ministry’s proposal.

The RSPP confirmed the receipt of such a proposal, the position will be formed by the profile commission of the union. According to representatives of the union and the ministry, all systems for enforcing the law must be certified, while the agency does not have enough information to develop application rules. The Ministry of Communications and Mass media believes that their development will require additional work not planned for 2019.

Recall that earlier the RSPP raised the question that there is no regulatory framework for the autonomous runet law in the forthcoming Ministry of Telecommunications and Communications a document with technical requirements for means of countering threats, that is, equipment that telecom operators will have to install on their networks. According to representatives of the Union, this can lead to disruptions in communication networks, as well as create corruption risks when purchasing this equipment.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the law on autonomous RuNet in early May. At that time, the Russian government approved the rules for state financing of the Center for Monitoring and Management of the Public Network, which should ensure that Runet works offline .

Oksana Mamchueva


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