For quite loads of oldsters, our first introduction to framing used to be in college art class when the teacher would direct us to blueprint borders spherical our creations. And even as you may perhaps well now now not dangle given it much thought since, framing is truly at some stage in us—from the form of your computer or phone cover to the windows on your plight and the artwork on your partitions. It’s an incredibly most well-known element of any visual composition and graphic develop will not be any exception.

Whether or now now not you’re constructing a poster, social media graphic, industrial card or put, framing is a core develop principle that many designers and photographers employ to invent a sense of balance of their designs.

In this article, we delve into the principle of framing in graphic develop—at the side of why it’s so most well-known, examples of how brands employ it successfully and guidelines and programs to guide you to attain the same.

What’s framing?

Visual framing is the presentation of visual parts in an image or layout in the case of the predominant subject. It is seemingly you’ll perhaps well need experienced the idea of framing in the case of the border that goes spherical a painting, nevertheless it’s staunch as relevant to what’s going on for the length of the visage, too! As properly as various visual arts, framing is recurrently extinct in photography and cinematography to glean a shot more aesthetically optimistic and blueprint attention to the predominant focal level.

reneeroaming instagram post

by way of Instagram @reneeroaming

Make a choice, shall we suppose, this image of commute blogger @reneeroaming. The riverbanks on both facet of the water perfectly frame her sitting on the rock, which makes for a spectacular image.

Why is framing most well-known in graphic develop?

While it’ll now now not be spoken about as much as coloration or typography, framing is taken into checklist indubitably one of the key suggestions of graphic develop. Why? Because it’s very most well-known for constructing visual balance and team spirit internal a composition! It will even be extinct to brighten, highlight or gash the visual parts in a develop, reckoning on your fair. It creates visual hierarchy on your work and guides the user’s trail attempting the layout. It also allows you to blueprint attention to the level of hobby on your layout and direct it moreover its environment. For sure, framing is the underdog of the visual develop world and you step by step don’t realise how most well-known it is until it’s now now not there. As a minimal, an image or layout without a framing would probably scrutinize bland, unorganized or chaotic. Or, your viewers simply wouldn’t know the set to scrutinize!

The a number of sorts of framing in graphic develop

The most well-known characteristic of framing in graphic develop dates back to its origins in print media—when magazines, posters and newspapers dangle been its major functions. While we would perchance perhaps now now not print out the entire lot we develop, there are about a framing terms from its heyday that are peaceful relevant. The a number of sorts of framing embrace:


Right here is a border spherical the visual parts of your layout. Customarily, all facets will be evenly spaced and sized. Wider margins would perchance perhaps even be extinct to emphasise the image for the length of the frame, while narrower margins can glean the direct appear better than existence, so to advise.

troegs via dribbble, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Dribbble

Using a narrow margin, this poster for beer company Troegs provides the seems that the visual contents are ‘bursting at the seams’—aided by the fact that some of the parts are overlapping the border.

Want to make employ of a margin on your beget designs? Canva’s Crimson Bordered Ballet Dance Poster has the entire right propotions—all you dangle to attain is add on your beget photos, colours, and textual direct!


In graphic develop, a bleed is when an image or various visual parts bear the layout and seemingly amble off the perimeters of the pages. While it entails the absence of a border, it will truly be a ambitious framing machine in itself—goodbye as you’ve got various visual parts to offset it.

Instagram story template by vladimir via dribbble, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Dribbble

These Instagram tales by Vladimir Kudinov are a gigantic instance of how a visual bleed would perchance perhaps even be extinct successfully. The photos bleed to the perimeters of the bag page (or on this case, cover), however the numerous parts love the textual direct and put tie all of it collectively and frame the image.

Want to enact a same invent on your beget DIY creations? Canva’s Cream Beach Characterize Pinterest Graphic template bleeds the image to the perimeters but balances it out with typography.

Partial bleeds

In graphic develop, a partial bleed is when the image fills out a few of the layout, but stops at a obvious level. Not like a odd bleed, it’s now now not a wonderfully even match but reasonably a solitary snippet of negative direct on the bag page. Right here is mostly extinct to invent a more summary magnificent, or when the designer wishes to embrace accompanying textual direct or pointers.

Ankaylli Spatial and Ideological Terrain, the principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Behance

In this structure book Ankaylli Spatial and Ideological Terrain, the designer has extinct an offset partial bleed to provide the layout a distinctly contemporary truly feel.

Partial bleeds are particularly well-known for posters, as they enable you to make employ of a repeat-stopping image to glean your viewers’s attention while peaceful at the side of the entire relevant facts below. Try Canva’s Blue Stars Scientific Poster template.

Straightforward programs to enact framing in graphic develop

It’s most well-known to know that bleeds and margins aren’t the top seemingly means to border your layouts. A huge series of parts at the side of textual direct, shapes, lines, and photos would perchance perhaps even be extinct to enact a properly-framed and balanced layout. Right here, we steal a scrutinize at about a various visual framing programs you may perhaps well employ on your beget designs.

Insert borders

Borders don’t always must reach the perimeters of your canvas! Using an inset border on your designs would perchance perhaps even be an fabulous means to glean it more multi-dimensional. Right here is when your border is extinct nearer to the heart of the layout, reasonably than on the outer edges.

Ombre Border Design Shack

by way of Make Shack

In this develop for digital Goodness, you may perhaps well scrutinize how inset borders are particularly well-known for directing the viewer’s attention to the direct or call-to-movement for the length of the frame.

It is seemingly you’ll perhaps well also employ broken lines to invent an inset border. To be obvious that it seems polished and intentional, you’ll want to be obvious you enable gargantuan direct outside the frame and that your margins are evenly spaced. Canva’s Sky Blue Background and Straightforward White Border Slang Quotes template takes the guess determine for you!

Originate employ of negative direct

Detrimental direct is an incredibly most well-known element of framing. In every other case identified as white direct, these are the empty spots on your layout. By utilizing negative direct in an intentional means, you may perhaps well blueprint attention to the determined areas on your layouts—that is, your textual direct, photos or calls-to-movement.

Pinterest template by Daria via Dribbble, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Dribbble

In this layout, the designer permits her empty areas to border the textual direct in the heart. Using shapes and icons breaks up the direct and ensures the viewer’s gaze takes the desired path spherical the layout.


The typography isn’t always the central focal level of your layout. Infrequently, you may perhaps well employ your textual direct as a framing machine spherical various parts love photos and even video! This challenges convention and would perchance perhaps glean your layout stand out against the team.

Dark Force Generations by Isabella via dribbble

by way of Dribbble

In this layout, designer Isabella Mello has extinct a mixture of horizontal and vertical textual direct in various colours and sizes to develop a rectangular border spherical the image. Right here is inset outside one other border with the image, which creates a dramatic and layered invent.

Experiment with textures

There’s no rule to notify the borders on your designs can dangle to peaceful be a straight, solid line. Infrequently, it’s k to be a miniature bit tough spherical the perimeters! Using various textures to border your layouts in general is a gigantic means so that you may perhaps add extra visual hobby and depth.

The Makery via Design Shack, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Make Shack

For instance, this designer has extinct a whiteout border to invent a country and grungy invent. Watercolor and brushstroke borders are also gigantic alternatives to enable you to invent impactful designs.

Want to incorporate textures into your beget develop? Canva’s Cream Orange Watercolor Artwork Postcard template makes employ of an bright watercolor border to border the layout.

Incorporate icons

Whether or now now not its graphics, shapes or hand-drawn illustrations, icons can abet as an fabulous framing instrument. These would perchance perhaps even be extinct on all edges of your layout or see out from opposite corners. So long as it’s symmetrical, it’s going to invent an aesthetically-optimistic invent.

Canva’s Shaded and Green Watercolor Wreath Roar Renewal Invitation template comes with a optimistic wreath border to perfectly spherical out your develop.

Layer your parts

Using geometric squares and rectangles is also the most neatly-liked means to enact visual framing in graphic develop. However even as you have to must put a obvious skedaddle on it, strive experimenting with layers. This would perhaps point out utilizing a narrow vertical textual direct box across the heart of your layout. Or, you may perhaps well layer a transparent box over an image, which creates two borders spherical the textual direct.

Canva’s Pineapples Spring Pinterest Graphic template has carried out the entire exhausting give you the results you want, but you may perhaps well also enact this invent with any visual element by adjusting the transparency slider.

Excellent examples of framing in graphic develop

As ironic as it is, perfectly framing your designs in most cases entails thinking outside the box! Try these creative examples of visual framing to encourage your next advent.

Poster by Design Monat Graz, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Behance

In this poster for the Make Monat community, the designer has overlaid a transparent box onto the gaze-catching blueprint graphic. In doing so, the surface of the blueprint becomes the border. Right here is a gigantic means to make employ of negative direct in framing, while drawing attention to the optimistic share of the poster—the textual direct in the box.

Featuring a decrease-out box element layered over an image, compare out Canva’s Summer Bordered Teen Journal Quilt template to enact a same scrutinize.

Gist by Anagrama Studio, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Behance

This inset border for lifestyle journal GIST is anything else but silly! With a optimistic gradient invent, it’s a gigantic reminder that your border doesn’t always must mix into the background. In this case, it practically becomes the centrepiece of the journal quilt!

Want to experiment with a multicolored border on your beget designs? Canva’s Gleaming Bordered Shaded Friday Good deal Flyer template is a gigantic plight to birth.

Art Landing Page by Burak Yilmaz, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of Dribbble

The framing on this web pages sculpture develop company Aristo Artwork is sinful—and that’s precisely what makes it so spirited! The designer has layered a border in the underside right corner with one other inset one traversing three edges. The refined grid background also provides some extent of framing. All in all, it creates an surprising scrutinize that works firmly in its favor.

Want to enact a same broken border scrutinize on your beget develop? Canva’s Cream Nook Frame Photography Logo provides the optimistic (practically) smooth canvas.

Henthorne Hill, The principle of framing in graphic design

by way of 99 Designs

From the circle exterior to the gentle lined border spherical the textual direct in the heart, there’s a mess of various borders on this image. While in the atrocious fingers this may occasionally perhaps scrutinize overwhelming, the designer has artfully created a balanced develop that is luscious to scrutinize at.

For a more pared-back means to this layered means, steal a scrutinize at the Charcoal with Brown Arrow Hipster Logo template in Canva.

Through constructing graceful and professional-having a scrutinize designs, framing shouldn’t staunch be an afterthought. Because regardless of which implies you frame it, this is undoubtedly indubitably one of the optimistic suggestions of graphic develop! By utilizing the develop guidelines and inspiration on this article or utilizing a template that’s already perfectly framed, you may perhaps well invent pleasing designs appropriate of a plight in any art gallery.

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