The music service Spotify again postponed its launch in Russia. According to sources, the launch is possible in November-December 2019, although the end of summer was previously considered.

Market experts believe that the delay may be due to Spotify's global problems with Warner Track: the companies had serious disagreements about the licensing conditions when the music service entered the Indian market in late February.

At the same time, Spotify has stepped up meetings with Russian copyright holders, the company is actively looking for marketing employees and is looking for an office for at least 30 people.

Recall that Spotify plans to enter the Russian market in the summer it became known in March, when users of the music app for Android noticed the emergence of support for the Russian language.

If Spotify does launch in Russia by the end of the year, this attempt will be the second in a row. The first was undertaken in 2014. Then, on the territory of the Russian Federation, the legal entity “Spotify” LLC was registered and the director of the regional office was appointed. The net loss of Spotifay LLC for 2014 totaled almost 15 million rubles.

Oksana Mamchueva


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