Enabling great demonstrate advertising is Bannerflow’s mission observation. The use of our ingenious management platform (CMP), prospects can plan graceful designs with ease.

Therefore, every quarter, we try to specialise in a advertising campaign that if truth be told stands-out. And this spring the competition used to be fierce, with plenty of unbelievable designs submitted and analysed by our in-home ingenious personnel.

Within the stay, the Bannerflow perfect spring demonstrate advert advertising campaign of 2019 used to be awarded to Georg Jensen.

The exclusive Danish jewellers were picked for their ability to craft masterful video campaigns for the smallest and most sophisticated demonstrate advert codecs.


We spoke to Kasper Sierslev, Head of Designate and Drawl at Georg Jensen, to train about how he created this spring advertising advertising campaign.

Congratulations! What used to be the motive of your winning advertising campaign and one of the best method did this translate into accumulate challenges?

Thanks! Initially, the motive is, for sure, to level to-off our jewellery! We came all over that a few of our jewellery is sophisticated to admire when you presumably can no longer understand it on an person. But with video, you presumably also can understand it from all angles.

The drawl used to be to convey their very accept praises the product the utilization of video on a miniature show veil.

Rather than factual designing an advert, we understand our banners as miniature movies with a beginning, center, and stay like any staunch fable. And this advertising campaign used to be a shrimp assorted for us, quite darkish and dramatic.

Are you able to characterize among the technical distinguished points of this explicit banner set?

The sophisticated half of the banners is the sizes, being reasonably miniature and narrow. So we launch out by sketching by hand effectively old to we even launch the video. Afterwards, we take a seat down and map out the fable in our three most popular sizes.

For if truth be told miniature video sequences, we compress and then compress again and mix with miniature text animations to repeat the fable. It’s a ways a video of two miniature pieces blended – it’s consistently trial and blunder to understand what will work perfect.

Which accumulate challenges were the most satisfying to clear up? How did Bannerflow wait on?

We distinguished to in actuality drawl this format. With cell advertising, you’ve gotten the greatest influence. Especially when viewers are no longer former to seeing miniature animations and video. In point of fact, with video, we came all over that our campaigns performed six times better than static commercials. Furthermore, we seen that with understand contact, we had quite elevated engagement within the banner.

Nonetheless it no doubt’s moreover the most sophisticated – it’s factual so miniature. It’s all about chopping issues away to level to perfect the foremost ingredients. I think Bannerflow has these tools that sort it easy to adapt to all assorted sizes. Genuinely, we usually attain around 11 assorted sizes for every advertising campaign.

We moreover use Bannerflow heatmaps when discovering out the necessity of having a call-to-action (CTA). It’s loopy, even when demonstrate advertising has been around for 20 years must you see on the strategies – of us aloof perfect click on the CTA. For cell sizes, we wait with the CTA unless the stay of the cell banner so we are in a position to accept out the total banner with the video.

Are the sources for this banner set custom built or were they half of a bigger media advertising campaign?

The demonstrate commercials were half of a mighty wider advertising campaign. We work loads with miniature show veil advertising: demonstrate and social are our considerable codecs with a few print commercials too. The movies we shoot are particularly designed for these codecs so no huge opening shots, they’re filmed up close, in 3-second bursts.

Georg Jensen video Bannerflow

For plenty of marketers, demonstrate advertising is the rest priority, compose of an afterthought. But it’s a channel where you presumably also can show of us to your model all over hundreds of touchpoints. For us, we don’t understand banners as something you could measure on remaining-click attribution. It’s half of a total storytelling system – that’s why we build so mighty effort into making staunch banners.

How did the context of where the banner used to be being served influence the accumulate of your banner?

Each and every advertising campaign is designed for a assorted target market, though this one is extra of a ‘one size fits all’ system. With Bannerflow, we are in a position to alter the product on the stay of the banner looking out on who we wait on the banner to. i.e. a extra popular ring for a youthful target market.

How attain you style out the accumulate course of of constructing banners?

On the total, it’s factual me and Marie, our Graphic Designer. The day after the shoot, we try to test what could per chance work as a if truth be told short sequence. We moreover attain the video retouching ourselves. Then alongside with our personnel, we accumulate them out into demonstrate and social campaigns.

When engaged on the accumulate course of which other tools – beyond Bannerflow – attain you make use of?

We launch with pen and paper old to we shoot. I think in frequent, the alternate has misplaced the artwork of shooting for a explicit format. But at any time as soon as we’re shooting we try to handle care of the format in mind; infrequently we even get a dim tape on the show veil to sort decided it fits into the format.

We moreover use Adobe Premiere and Aftereffects to work on the video old to we plug and drop into Bannerflow.


What is it about the Bannerflow platform that makes designing commercials smoother?

I if truth be told get examined out plenty of more than just a few tools, and what makes Bannerflow if truth be told easy to work with in comparison with others is the plug and drop tools. There are around three or four widgets that we use time and time again. It’s if truth be told easy to experiment in Bannerflow and you presumably also can understand precisely what you’re producing must you’re designing. Plus, we are in a position to cross into every banner and know how every person one appears to be like.

Your total translation half is unbelievable too. We use six assorted languages, the total course of of versioning these is factual if truth be told easy. Serving the an identical banners is if truth be told easy as effectively with mass manufacturing and publishing tools.

Are there any aspects that get helped your personnel handle demonstrate campaigns to a elevated level?

Being ready to get a feed for our merchandise if truth be told took our demonstrate commercials to the subsequent level. And the computerized pricing modifications worked so effectively at Christmas and Sunless Friday –  we are in a position to straight away adapt a banner if a product is equipped available and then.

I love scheduling however horny now we’re no longer the utilization of it that mighty. Plus, I love having a seek on the reside data and on the heatmaps. All in all, it’s a if truth be told high quality instrument, it has your total issues we’re buying for!

Indirectly, as a designer, how attain you proceed to accept inspiration?

I’m usually reasonably uncommon, and it no doubt helps no longer factual to think of them as banners. They’re tales. I lend a hand our miniature personnel to handle a seek at out sleek issues and test issues. So at any time as soon as we understand something we like we try it out!

How we chosen the winning advertising campaign

Bannerflow’s Buyer Success, Operations and marketing and marketing Team sat down collectively to mediate on one of the best demonstrate advertising advertising campaign for spring 2019. Each and every personnel belief to be the accumulate, performance, complexity, aspects, and codecs for every advertising campaign submitted.

Chosen campaigns were then presented to a panel of judges who rated them from 1 to 10. The advertising campaign with the top total won the prize!

Want to understand extra about in-banner video? Rating keen with us when you might want to be taught how your model can plan great demonstrate advertising factual like that of Georg Jensen.

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